Jesse Boudreau in Volonte

As you watch this gnarly video part, full of hammers on all of AZ’s most famous spots, you might be wondering, “How haven’t I heard of this local ripper before?” As it turns out, despite filming an all Arizona part, Jesse Boudreau isn’t a local at all… Here’s his explanation:
“I took a trip out there and had an amazing time so we took a couple more trips and stayed with our friend Joey who lives out there. Took a good three or four trips and even stayed for about a month to keep filming. Ended up with the idea that I should finish the whole part strictly in AZ, with exception of the one Vegas spot. I live in the Bay Area and have not been back to AZ since but I have been thinking about going ever since I left. Going to make it happen within the next few months.” – Jesse Boudreau

Filmed by: Jerome Neal and Tanner Koutz