Belated 2016 SOTYH: Aaron Goure

Better late than never! Aaron Goure is SkateAZ’s official (belated) 2016 SOTYH! We probably should have announced the “Skater of the Year Here” award in December or January, but who cares! If there’s anything we learned in 2016 from Aaron’s wild style, it’s that THERE ARE NO RULES IN SKATEBOARDING!

aaron crowdsurf

Aaron Goure AKA DJ Freako unknowingly celebrating his SOTYH victory at Cowtown’s PhxAm after party!

Aaron Goure killed it all year in 2016! Not only did he blow our minds non-stop with insane instagram clips, he also put out four video parts! Yes, FOUR! (technically one was a shared part and one came out right after the new year, but like we said before, no rules in skateboarding…) Congratulations Aaron! Here are some highlights that prove exactly why Aaron Goure is SkateAZ’s 2016 SOTYH!

On April 2nd, Pyramid Country premiered their video “Distant Mind Terrain” at Cowtown’s PhxAm after party, which featured an Aaron Goure/Jon Pierce shared part. (video below auto-starts at this part)

Only 6 months later, Aaron put out a full length part in Brian Masterson’s video “BRAINBROS” which premiered on October 7th!

Then at Cowtown and Brimley’s Tempe Halloween, he got 2nd place in the longest boardslide challenge! (video below auto-starts at the longest boardslide challenge)

Somehow Aaron had ANOTHER full part in Diego Meek’s video “Dr. Scarecrow” which premiered the following night! (Click HERE to see that part in full!)

Snippet from my part in Dr scarecrow :) @bumblemeek

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Juuuuust after the start of the new year, Aaron had ONE MORE part in Welcome’s video “Fetish” which premiered on January 14th, 2017. (Like we said earlier, not technically 2016 but we’re counting it anyway! THAT MAKES FOUR PARTS!)

SATURDAY NIGHT – Premiere of Welcome’s new video “Fetish” featuring Aaron Goure, Ryan Lay, and Will Blaty! $5 at School of Rock on Mill Ave in Tempe! Doors at 7, video at 8. All proceeds benefit @skateafterschool! Check the flyer on our page for more details! @american_goure_story @ryan_lay @willblaty @welcomeskateboards #skateaz

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He also did crazy shit on instagram all throughout the year, like this 360 flip to late flip at Northern ditch.

Did this trick for me and @brianmasterson ‘s video that we made together like 4 years ago or something but felt good to get it again 😛 📸 @matthewjblevins
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Lastly, he, uh, invented (?) this trick… “nose piper crank to spin out”

Big congrats to Aaron Goure – SkateAZ’s official “Skater of the Year Here” (SOTYH) for 2016!

aaron ollie indoor asu set

Aaron Goure will ollie any set, even if it’s inside! Photo: Kyle Catchpole.


phxam afterparty 2017 069

Aaron’s fans dumping him back on stage for more action, head first! Photo: Brandon Roggeman.