Classic AZ Skatevideo Trailers

Part of the fun of going out to the movies is watching the 15 minutes of trailers that play before the feature. Catching those quick bites that have entire plot arcs in them gets you stoked for both the films they advertise and the one you’re about to see. The skate video promo is much the same. I don’t know why they aren’t called trailers, but they’re just not and that’s fine. “Promo” is ours. Arizona skateboarding has a rich history of well made independent videos. Unfortunately, the promos that precede usually get forgotten once the full videos are released, even though so often the promo is a masterpiece in its own right. In three minutes or less you get that quick dose of hype that a full length promises – an interesting intro clip, an ensemble of creative skaters, and, usually, a well-earned ender. These mini-videos never get enough credit even though they give us much more than just a list of names and a date. They give us a gateway glimpse into the videomaker’s mind and talent. Here’s a list of a few greats. Enjoy.

-Ted Schmitz