All the event details!

We’re excited to announce SkateAZ’s Valley Fever 2017 presented by Element! Coming May 6th!


Fever” is an acronym that stands for Film Event Validating Exceptional Ripping. We gave this video premiere a silly name because it’s kind of like a short film festival, except it’s not serious, there will be no awards doled out, and the videos selected don’t necessarily need to be short (although this time they will be). It’s simply a “film event” for the purpose of bringing everyone together to “validate exceptional ripping” on the big screen! This will be the second annual Valley Fever premiere, and we look forward to keeping this tradition alive for years to come!

This night of short videos will begin at 9:30pm on Saturday May 6th, 2017. The premiere will show for approximately 45 minutes. $5 admission / $10 DVD. Please bring cash.

ALL proceeds raised on this night will be donated directly to everyone’s favorite local non-profit, Skate After School! Thank you in advance for contributing to this awesome organization!

A student practices skateboarding at Phoenix Collegiate Academy in Phoenix, AZ on Tuesday, Nov 10th, 2015. (Photo by Ryan Dent)

Skate After School collects extra skateboards from the community and brings them to underserved schools in Phoenix to teach kids how to skate. We at SkateAZ back what they are doing because the kids have fun, the volunteers have fun, and they post hilarious videos of everyone goofing around with skateboards on theirĀ Instagram.